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What I offer

I can do all sorts of things when it comes to music, and trust me I love to try new things, but generally my services fall into two camps.

Composition & Scoring

Let's bring your project to the next level!

I believe music is a HUGE part of any multimedia piece. All my life I've gravitated to the soundtracks and scores of video games and movies. I really think music makes or breaks the atmosphere and vibe of the piece. That's why with every piece I write I try to think of the atmosphere and feeling the project is trying to convey and I try to lift that feeling up.

I usually compose for things like video games, YouTube videos, animated shorts, etc. but I'm always up for a challenge with new and interesting projects!


I want to elevate your song writing

It used to be that you could only get a high quality recording if you paid top dollar and went to a recording studio. Now you can get studio quality records and mixing at home AND you don't have to wear pants. Hell, they even made a whole genre out of it called bedroom pop.

I can produce an instrumental for you, mix  something you've made or I can do both. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I do this from my bedroom (and never wear pants) I can't record artists.


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