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What I offer

Mostly, I deal in frontend technologies like React.js (that's what this site is made in), HTML, CSS, Sass, and jQuery, but I'm always up for a challenge. I'm also proficient with WordPress (that's what that backend of this site is made with).

Frontend Development

Let's make your site look good.

The say, "Clothes make the man." Well, despite websites not being human beings and that saying being a little dated, I think the principle applies. Your site looking good makes you look good and if you don't know a serif from a sans-serif then it's a good thing you're here!

Whether you need a full redesign or just some sprucing up I got you.  Or maybe you need a brand new site, I can do that too! Though most of maybe experience is with product and company sites, web apps are really exciting  and I would love to do the frontend!

WordPress Development

Dynamic site? Let's do this!

Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard of WordPress. If you need to update and manage content you can't go wrong with WordPress, it only powers 35% of the web, nbd. Whether or not you've used a Content Management System, CMS for short, I think you'll love WordPress and I love developing for WordPress.

I can create you a new and shiny WordPress site from scratch or if you already have a site and need some dev work done on it, I can do that too! Maybe your theme is getting a little stale and you want a new one but are worried it'll break your site, don't worry, I got you.

"Your site is pretty cool! Can you do something like that?"

First of all, thank you person-I-made-up! I'm flattered.

My site is what's called a headless CMS. That basically means the frontend (what you see, made with React.js) and the backend (how the site works, made with WordPress) are separated. There's two reasons I did it that way instead of a WordPress theme or a static site. One, I wanted to show off. Two, I could use a modern Javascript frontend library (React.js) to do my frontend while keeping a familiar and solid CMS (WordPress) to do exactly what it's supposed to do, manage my content.

Long story short (I'll stop bragging), yes. I can do that for you and it'd be really cool because this is really cool technology.


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About this site:

This site was made with React.js using Next.js for server-side rendering and WordPress as the backend. I'm pretty proud of it!


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