Who am I and what am I about?

Hello, welcome to the Landon Snodgrass Blog Experience™… I’m still working out the tagline.

I’m writing this blog post to talk about myself because I’m conceited. Also, just in case my “About” section on the front page didn’t explain enough.

What I do:

The long and short of it is I’m a web developer, musician, and all-around creative. I currently work full-time as a web developer for OMNITEC INC. I also compose for video games and produce for artists on the side. Aside from the stuff that pays the bills, I have a million side projects going on.

Some of them include:

  • My own video games that I’m making
  • A few different web apps
  • Multiple music projects for myself and others
  • Various arts and crafts, poetry, writing
  • Whatever else scratches my creative itch

I’m always open to try and experience new things so feel free to reach out if you have an awesome idea!

How I got here:

I graduated high school in 2013 (man, I’m old…oh god, don’t let the existential dread set in…okay I’m okay), and not to brag (but I’m going to brag) I graduate top 10% with a 4.2 GPA.

At that time I really wanted to be a touring musician with my high school band, but they all wanted to go to college and doing boring adult stuff. It actually took my best friend sending me the application for ASU the night before the deadline to get me to apply for college. I ended up getting in but then they make you pick a major so I just picked the major with the coolest dorm and that ended up being business.

After my first semester, I realized I hated business school and didn’t want to do it anymore. So my second semester I enrolled in a ton of different electives just to see what I wanted to do (probably one of my smarter ideas). If I can remember correctly I took a piano class, a game development class, an intro to computer science class, a communications class, a world religion class, and calculus.

I think it’s pretty obvious which of those classes I enjoyed the most because that’s what I do now. Obviously I loved the piano class because I had been playing the piano for a few years and loved music and I’d messed around with game dev before and loved it so no surprise there but I had no idea what coding even was at the time. When I took the coding class I realized it was definitely something I could do for the rest of my life. It just clicked.

That semester I actually had the highest GPA I ever got in college (3.8) and I think it was because I really enjoyed all the classes I was taking (even math if you can believe it, but I had it with my roommate so that made it fun…also I’m a nerd and I love math). I transferred into Computer Science the next semester.

Thinks weren’t all hunky-dory after that because my mental health declined and I ended up on academic probation and eventually dropping out of school. I was down but I wasn’t out. I taught myself Web Development via online courses, took on a few projects for friends and family, and eventually got an internship as a web developer!

Around that same time, I started discovering game dev communities on the internet. I was still doing music heavily and decided to try to merge the two passions. Some of my favorite compositions are from video games so I started offering my composition services to the indie devs I was meeting online and have been doing it ever since.

I was now doing music “professionally” and I’d been producing my own music for years so when some friends asked me to produce their music I said, “heck yeah!”

What kind of work I do:

As far as web development goes, I’m mostly a frontend dev. I’ve been learning backend at my current job in the form of C# and .net as well as my own personal study into Node.js. Where I really shine though is frontend technologies like React.js, HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, Bootstrap. I also really like WordPress (obviously since both versions of my site used it).

My professional experience in web dev consists of working with React.js, WordPress, C#, and ASP.NET. I’ve worked in a few different CMSes such as WordPress (take a drink every time I mention WordPress, am I right?), Sitefinity, and DNN.

With my music, I’m more of a chameleon. I’ve produced music and artists in genres like R&B, hip hop, blues, acoustic singer-songwriter, bedroom pop, rock, EDM, folk, and pop. When I produce music don’t really like to stick to one genre, I like to blur the boundaries. Like a hip hop song with a future bass drop or a pop song with bluesy influences.

When I compose for something the genre isn’t as important to me as the vibe is. I think music is a HUGE part of creating the atmosphere for a multimedia project and getting the atmosphere right is my first priority for composing. My second priority is pushing the bounds a little bit. I like to do something a little different that sets the music, and in turn the project, apart.

What’s next and how to connect with me:

At the time of writing this, I have plans to release some music on Spotify just for fun and create some more free and paid music assets for video games. I would like to get into short film composition as well. I also have a few projects I’m producing in the works.

As for web dev, I will, hopefully, remain at my current job and freelance on the side. When I feel confident in my backend knowledge I want to start working on a few full-stack web app ideas I have.

If you want to work with me on a web dev project, a music project, or maybe something completely different please use the contact form here it goes straight to my email and I’ll get back to you!


In conclusion, I’m awesome. Just kidding (only kinda)! Thank you for reading!

About this site:

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