In a nutshell?

Web development & Music

I currently work as a web developer for OMNITEC INC. and compose for video games.

I freelance for both as well. You can see my services below.

Web development

I love creating great web experiences! I specialize in frontend technologies like React, Sass, and jQuery as well as WordPress development, but I'm always excited to learn and try new technologies!


  • Frontend design/development
  • WordPress development
  • Static site development

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I believe music is incredibly important in creating a well rounded multimedia piece. I compose for video games, movies, and any other multimedia projects. My goal when composing is to create an overall amazing atmosphere.


  • Single song
  • Soundtrack and scoring
  • Producing

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What I've done

Here's a list of some of the projects I've done!


Composition - RPG Soundtrack Pack

I composed a pack that I put up for free on which you can view here ( The pack is themed for RPGs but could be used for anything. At this point, it's been downloaded more than 1300 times!

Composition - A variety of games

I composed the score for a few different games (including my own!) for the Heart Jam which was a game jam (a competition in which you create a game in a limited amount of time) hosted by HeartBeast.

Developer I - OMNITEC INC.

I currently work at OMNITEC INC. as a developer I working with technologies like C#, ASP.NET, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

Development Work -

I did some development work to debug and improve functionality of I jumped into this project without prior knowledge and after it had already been created to improve functionality. The technology used was WordPress and PHP.

WordPress Design/Development - David Maples' Portfolio

I created a custom WordPress theme for David Maples' portfolio site. The technology used was WordPress, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. I designed and developed the entire site.

Junior Web Developer - Swiftpage

I started at Swiftpage as an intern and was promoted internally to Junior Web Developer. While I was there I worked in the .net CMS Sitefinity and WordPress. I worked with technologies like React.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.



I come from the desert state of Arizona. I got my first guitar in the fifth grade, a hand me down from my brother we got at a pawn shop called a Johnson (queue jokes from my dad about playing with my Johnson). That's when I fell in love with music. Since then I've taught myself composing and producing along with a few other instruments.

When I went to college I had no idea what I wanted to do so I started in business, only because the dorms were the coolest for the business school. Turns out I wasn't into it so my second semester I started trying out all sorts of different fields. An intro to coding class happened to be one of the classes I took and it really clicked so I transferred into Computer Science.

I ended up dropping out of college (sorry parentals) and teaching myself Web Development. Computer Science is cool, don't get my wrong I love me some Boolean Algebra (who doesn't?) but Web Development is really where I shine. I think the combination of analytical thinking and creativity really inspires me.

I started working as a web developer and freelance composer for video games and have been doing it ever since.


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